Monday, 9 March 2009

My Latest Products

Lately, I have trying out a few products and I thought I would share what they are and how I found them.

Nars Deep Throat blusher - I got this in February and have been using this a lot. I really like this because it seems to really suit me. It's a pinky, peach and gives a really nice colour on the cheeks. I prefer this to Nars Orgasm, it seems a much nicer shade when applied on the cheeks.

Benefit's 10 - I have to admit I wanted this but I kind of thought this would be a gimmicky product as one half is a highlight and the other half is a bronzer and you apply it with the brush provided. I blend it into my skin with another brush once I have stroked this over my skin and I really like it, it works really well and it's especially good when I'm looking to apply something quick to the cheeks.

Benefit's Posietint - I have been wearing this when I wear my tinted moisturiser (I find that cheek stain products work really well with tinted moisturiser) I really like the bright pinky colour and I do like that kind of pinky look on my cheeks. I did find I had to be extremely careful not to apply too much because it's easily done. I don't think I prefer this over Benetint, I like them both, I would probably choose Posietint over Benetint but only because I like the pink colour on my cheeks.

Mac Lipsticks - I brought Lavender Whip, Snob, Plum Dandy and Pervette recently. I am going through a bit of a lip phase at the moment so I keep buying lipsticks! I brought Lavender Whip because I love the way Barry M's 129 looks on me and with this being slightly different I wanted to get this. I do like this, but I think I prefer Barry M (and now Fashion Mews) to this, Lavender Whip is a darker shade of purple and I prefer how the Barry M looks on me to this. Snob was an impulse buy because I wanted to choose something I wouldn't normally buy, it's quite a bright pink and looks best on me when I use a brush to apply it.

On the other hand, Plum Dandy is the kind of colour that I would normally buy and this kind of lipstick really suits me. I love plum colours or pinky browns (Benefit's Good to Go is the kind of colour I am really drawn to and the kind of shade that I think suits me the most) so I was really pleased with this because it's a plum colour with a sheen to it so I could not go wrong. Pervette was a colour I was really drawn to, it's like a lilac-pink and it goes on the lips really sheer, I was really pleased because I tried something different and it worked out well!

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