Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My view on IMATS

On Saturday I went to the IMATS and I have to say overall, I had a great time because I was so intrigued by the different types of demonstrations taking place throughout the day especially the theatrical make up demonstrations. I watched as a young woman was transformed into a vampire, this was very exciting because of the vampire teeth and the fake bruises! There was also a demonstration of what can happen to your skin if you do not wash your make up brushes - which looked so realistic. I found the techniques they used interesting and gave me a taste of how much work really going into the art of makeup (and how much I would still love to be a makeup artist). There were stalls with makeup brands; some that provided makeup to the film industry, but also brands such as Make Up For Ever and Mac Pro.

This brings me onto my next point that Mac Pro was there, NOT Mac Cosmetics which is what was originally advertised. It was only their Mac Pro range which I found very disappointing regardless of whether they were giving out Mac Pro cards at a small cost without needing to show any relevant qualification documentation. When a Mac artist asked me if I needed any help ( the Mac staff did seem to approach you even if you were not that close to the counter so I guess that was one good point), she informed me they only had three brushes available on that day - if I can remember I think these were the 187, 188 and the 190, they had no brush cleanser (I would have thought this was really important to makeup professionals, am I wrong?) and only their pro range was available. I overheard that the way to get a discount was to fill in a form for a mac pro card, they were not offering a discount or special offers like some others (like Charles Fox and Make Up For Ever for example). Overall, Mac disappointed me, I was much more interested in what was going on everywhere else, which is why I think I stayed for most of the day. If you are a makeup artist surely you would like to have been able to buy from their entire range (with your discounted Mac Pro card) not just the Mac Pro range? After all, I thought makeup professionals were the target audience? Or does Mac think that makeup professionals are only interested in their pro range?

The last thing I would like to mention is the array of makeup brushes that were available at really cheap prices across the trade show. There were Crown Brushes across the back wall and you could chose from a whole range of brushes and from what I have heard Crown Brushes are supposed to be good quality. I will do another post on how I got on with the brushes I picked on the day.

Overall, I had a really great day, I enjoyed the demonstrations and I managed to pick up an array of brushes (a bit of Make Up For Ever as well...).

Friday, 23 January 2009

About me...


I have decided to set a blog to share my thoughts and interests on make up. I have always been into make up (ever since i was a teenager) and would always choose make up over clothes and shoes but over time I have become more and more into it and lately it has become a bit of an obsession.

I buy lots of different brands of make up, ranging from the cheaper brands to the more expensive. I would say it became an obsession (rather than just my main interest/hobby) about two years ago when i had a make over by Benefit and i thought the packaging was pretty and the products seemed a bit different in comparison to other brands i was using ( I already owned some Clinique but i was getting bored). I went through a stage of buying a lot of Benefit, thinking that this was the best, until I discovered Mac, Nars and Laura Mercier...

I work in an office at the moment but I would really like to become a make up artist so I am looking into options that might get me there one day.

I'm also going to IMATS tomorrow and I can't wait!