Friday, 23 January 2009

About me...


I have decided to set a blog to share my thoughts and interests on make up. I have always been into make up (ever since i was a teenager) and would always choose make up over clothes and shoes but over time I have become more and more into it and lately it has become a bit of an obsession.

I buy lots of different brands of make up, ranging from the cheaper brands to the more expensive. I would say it became an obsession (rather than just my main interest/hobby) about two years ago when i had a make over by Benefit and i thought the packaging was pretty and the products seemed a bit different in comparison to other brands i was using ( I already owned some Clinique but i was getting bored). I went through a stage of buying a lot of Benefit, thinking that this was the best, until I discovered Mac, Nars and Laura Mercier...

I work in an office at the moment but I would really like to become a make up artist so I am looking into options that might get me there one day.

I'm also going to IMATS tomorrow and I can't wait!

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