Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My May Favourites!

It's that time again when I do my favourites of the month. I have been a complete geek this month and actually wrote them down as I went along. I will start with the product I have fallen in love with.

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Tea Rose - Love, love love it! I brought this because it's an absolutely gorgeous colour. It is a nude with a pink undertone and is the nicest colour on me. It took me by surprise that not only does a lipstick suit me this well but the fact that this is now my no 1 lipstick! Does anyone know whether this is limited edition? It's £20 but I will stock up if need be.

Benefit's Dallas - I have had this since last year and I just adore it. This requires a very light hand when applying it because I'm quite pale but it does leave me a gorgeous bronzed colour. This is not something I wear in the winter but over the summer months, this gives me a gorgeous glow. This is my no1 bronzer!

Maybelline Mineral Blush in Moonlight Mauve - This is really pretty, it's a pink mauve and when applied on the cheeks it leaves you with a gorgeous soft pink sheen. This is possibly one of my favourite blushes. These Maybelline blushes are really good, I also have Plum Alchemy and I'm impressed with both of them.

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Silver Screen - What can I say apart from the fact it's silver and I love silver. I wear this with a flesh coloured eyeshadow and I love it! It's great as a quick make up look because it looks really pretty.

Mascara of the month: Maybelline's Lash Stiletto - This has been the mascara I have reached for everyday over the last month and it has never disappointed me. It gives great length and curl and makes my lashes stand out.

My favourites that are still going strong from last month:
Mac's Perfect Topping - I still reach for this everyday, it is turning into my 'go to' highlighter.
Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation - I go to this everyday, this is now my HG foundation.
Mac's Satin Taupe - This is one of my favourite eye shadows. I never would have expected a taupe brown to ever reach the top of my list. But it has.


LoveLipstickandLime said...

I have just discovered Maybelline Mineral Blush and I love it. I got the pink colour and have recieved loads of compliments. It buffs into the skin very well. Benefits has lots of great products as well. Thanks for sharing your list. xxNadia

Lauren said...

I love Maybelline mascara too, although I just used the normal waterproof one.
My must-have make up product has to be No7 Quick cover concealer though.
It's about £7 and i get the extra fair one (i am so pale!).
Couldn't live without it. xx