Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

After watching Emma’s (from Magpie Sparkles) video on her mid March favourites and she mentioned Lily Lolo mineral foundation and how fantastic it was I thought I’m going to try this. I went straight on the website and ordered four samples, they came on Saturday and I found my perfect match, I have been using it everyday since and I ordered a full size one last night! I think this is a great foundation, it looks really natural, it gives good coverage, it is easy to apply, lasts all day ( it doesn’t flake off) and it seems to be really good for my skin (I think it has actually helped the clump of spots I had clear up). I’m used to wearing a foundation that after a few days breaks me out, but with this foundation, my skin feels soft, clear and in really good condition. I just can’t believe I have found something that works this well on my skin that I can use every single day! - Thank you Emma.

I also performed the test that gossmakeupartist performed in one of his videos to find out how good your mineral make up is and how good the SPF is in it. Now, this foundation actually failed this test because it sank to the bottom of the water straight away, I figured I didn’t care because SPF is not something I care about in my foundation because I use a moisturiser and a primer with SPF and because it seems to be so good for my skin, I thought it works for me and that is good enough for me.

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