Monday, 2 March 2009

A Few of My February Favourites!

I thought I would do a post on the make up products I have been using and loving in February.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect - I have been swapping between mascaras at the moment, I have been swapping between Maybelline The Colossal, Clinique's High Impact mascara (which I remember it being one of my favorites but when I brought this recently and used it, it didn't give the results I thought I remembered) and my newest buy Maybelline Define-a-lash, the pink one. I tried my MaxFactor mascara again on Thursday and because I had been changing my mascara around, I realised this this was the best mascara for me, giving my lashes lots of volume and really making them stand out.

MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Sun Beam - I have been using this since I brought it (I brought it a week ago) and love it as a highlighter, I think I actually prefer this to my Benefit High Beam. I am going to buy the MeMeMe pink one so I can make a like for like judgement.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser - I have been wearing this a lot for work lately and really like it, it gives a sheer coverage and my skin doesn't react to it, I don't get any break outs with this and my skin feels comfortable.

Nars Oil Free Foundation - I have been wearing this as well and again I love this because it works well with my skin and I don't break out with this foundation. I guess I have worked out that even with acne prone skin, I can find products that don't necessarily lead to me breaking out in spots.

MAC Technakohl Liner - I love using this on my waterline, it's quick and easy to use and lasts for ages. Since I have discovered this, I have been lining my waterline everyday.

Nars Laguna and Deep Throat - I use both of these together and I love the way they look. Deep Throat is a gorgeous colour and looks great on my cheeks, when I pair this with Laguna, my face looks healthy and vibrant.

On another note, I finally got Bobbi Brown: The Make Up Manual through the post on Saturday which I had been waiting for for a month and I have to say my first impression is that it looks like it's going to be a really good book. It looks like it going to cover a whole range of areas from basics to complicated skills. I can't wait to get stuck in.

What are your favourites at the moment?

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