Friday, 27 February 2009

Brushes from IMATS

I did say I would do a review on the brushes I brought at the IMATS once I had used them. I brought a flat bronzer brush (I had wanted one of these for ages), an angled liner brush, a fine tip eye liner brush, a deluxe crease brush, a lip brush (these were all crown brushes), an angled cheek brush and a brush that can either be used for concealer or cream shadow that were by a company called youcosmetics. Overall I am very pleased with most of the brushes I purchased (the fine eyeliner one has already splayed on me).

Flat bronzer brush (Crown) - this distributes the product really well; it seems to hold just the right amount of product on the brush and blends in really easily.

Angled liner brush (Crown) – This is probably the one I am most pleased with because the ones I already own are both scratchy and rough to use or do not apply product or do a good line, but this is soft yet applies a good line underneath my eye (and it cost £2). I don’t use this for eyeliner, I use this to apply shadow underneath the eye.

Fine liner brush (Crown) - This applied a fine line easily, however, I have recently just washed this and it has splayed on me.

Deluxe crease brush (Crown) - A crease brush was something I had wanted for a while and this one is tapered, dense and has an angle to it so it gets just the right product in the crease and blends and distributes it well.

Lip brush (Crown) – I think this is a good brush, it applies lip products easily to my lips and the texture of the bristles are very similar to my Mac 316. It is also retractable so it can be carried around with me so it comes in quite handy. I like to use lip brushes when the product is too dominant on me otherwise, for instance I can’t wear Barry M’s 101 unless I use a brush to apply it.

Angled cheek brush ( - I brought an angled cheek brush because I wanted an alternative to when my other one is drying from being washed, this is good, it places cheek colour on my cheeks well. I like the angled brushes because they tend to distribute the cheek colour in just the right area.

Concealer/ Cream shadow brush ( - There is not a lot to say about this one, it is fairly wide and I like it for concealing my blemishes, I haven’t used it for cream eyeshadow because I would rather use something smaller.

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