Monday, 16 February 2009

Nars Turkish Delight

I was so excited when I brought this lip gloss because I had wanted it for ages and it is my kind of colour, a cute pink that when first applied to the lips it looks gorgeous. The first time I wore it I thought this looks lush. I was really pleased – until I noticed something – that it seemed to disappear off my lips really quickly. I thought I need to give this another chance (I had just got into work and the cold could have made it disappear – as you can see I was looking for some kind of explanation). I have tried this many times now and I notice it does disappear really quickly (I'm sure it disappears after ten minutes!).

I am disappointed but I am still really pleased I bought it (ok - maybe not it did cost me almost £17), I still love the colour and I prefer the way it looks on me to Mac’s Underage, I will still wear it, it's just heart breaking when something costs you almost £17 and it’s not everything you expected it to be. I just wish it had some staying power….

What products have disappointed you recently?

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