Thursday, 19 February 2009

My addiction to silver...!

This all started because of the book – Make Up: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris which I brought in September because I wanted to learn more about the application of make up and discover new looks. There are sections in this book that cover contouring, bronzing, highlighting as well as a brush guide (this book also began my addiction to make up books). There is also a section on five minute make overs and this is when I discovered the silver look which has lead me to being drawn to silver.

When I decided I really wanted to try this look and that it looked really simple to do, I decided to purchase L’Oreal HiP’s Metallic duo in Platinum from eBay, then this lead to Mac’s Silver pigment and then I was looking at Mac’s silver shadows where I purchased Electra, Idol Eyes, Silver Ring and Knight Divine.

Before I knew it, I was looking for different versions of silver. At Christmas I brought Nars Nightlife which was my first disappointment. The lady on the counter did warn me though, she told me that I would need something underneath this shadow to make it grip on – like Vaseline (I thought – what, Vaseline? Vaseline has many uses but helping your eye shadow cling on to your lid I don’t think so) or a cream eye shadow where she conveniently rubbed one of these on her hand and put Nightlife on top where it did really bring out the silver (and you couldn't see the light blue shadow underneath it). I brought Nightlife and left the cream shadow, I figured that surely my UDPP, Painterly Paintpot or trying it wet would do the trick right? Wrong, none of these worked and it barely showed up on my lid. There I went, to the nearest place that sold Nars and purchased Carioca cream eye shadow. On a positive note, when I do wear Nightlife paired with Carioca, it looks fantastic, it has glitter in it so it’s something a bit different to my L’Oreal HiP duo or my silver pigment because they don’t have much glitter in them (silver pigment has no glitter particles), they are much more pure silver and the silver pigment has a high intensity of colour when applied both with and without mixing medium.

Next I want Urban Decay’s Strip eye shadow, Dime eye pencil and Barry M’s Pale Silver dazzle dust. When will this end?

Do you have any looks/ colours that you are drawn to and can’t get enough of?

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