Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous

I love this…
When I first decided to go and try this out, I went to my nearest counter (very dangerous actually when I first started out with my obsession I loved Benefit and it’s only ten minutes walk from my workplace) and the assistant put this on my face. I left it and went away. I was very impressed, it seemed to provide sheer coverage, it felt very light yet my skin still looked covered. I went back a few days later and brought it. I am now on my third (after Studio Fix Powder failed me I found myself thinking, why mess with it if it’s not broken?)! It’s not like wearing a foundation, its very light and it provides a very sheer coverage, the main reason why I brought this was because I was looking for something that was light, sheer and quick and easy to apply in the mornings and this was all of those. It doesn’t bring me out in spots if I wear it everyday, it lasts on my skin all day but probably fades out in the evening, it doesn’t make my forehead look dry (some of my liquid foundations do this) and it’s a good base for my bronzer and my blush. I haven’t heard many positive reviews about this and I can understand why people don’t like this product, it doesn’t provide medium coverage and it isn’t like wearing foundation but for me it ticks all the boxes.

The bad points are that because it is a cream based product it doesn’t last very long, it is very expensive at £19.09 and doesn’t go far. I don’t wear this everyday because of my bad skin and I like to let my skin breath, if I did I would imagine it would run out in a few months. There are only two shades that are supposed to fit all – the regular one and a deeper one (the deeper one is fairly new) and I don’t think that this can be the case but it does work with my skin tone. The sponge doesn’t work it seems to absorb the product but then puts nothing onto your face. I use either a sponge I have brought in a pack or my flat foundation brush (both work well).

What do you use as a quick alternative to foundation?


mizzworthy said...

I sometimes use my MAC mineral skinfinish natural as an alternative to foundation. Also if you like cream foundations, you might like MAC studio tech... xxx

Laura said...

Thank you for following my blog :)