Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mascaras, Mascaras, Mascaras

I have been trying a few mascaras out recently and thought I would do a quick review on what I thought to each of the ones I have tried.

Too Faced Lash Injection – I was really excited about trying this mascara, I had heard great things about this mascara and a formulation that I had not heard of before – that it puts little tubes around your lashes to give a false lash effect. I thought this was a complete disappointment, I don’t think it curled my lashes or added any volume, I don’t think it did anything for my lashes apart from clump them together. (It’s also very hard to remove and didn’t seem worth it!).

L’oreal Beauty Tubes – I tried this in hope that it would be a better version of the Too Faced Lash Injection, but to my dismay, this was even worse. I did the first step using the primer which I thought went on fine. Then when I applied the next coat, I found it was clumping my lashes, adding no volume or curling to my lashes. It felt like I was adding loads of mascara but all this seemed to do was clump them up. My lashes looked a mess and I haven’t used it since. Again, this was very difficult to remove.

Mac’s Plush Lash – I brought this mascara because I had heard that the brush is very different to other mascara brushes. It has a flat side that you use first to coat your lashes with the mascara and then the plush side (the bristled side) that you then use to curl and lift your lashes. I loved this mascara; I found it curled my lashes, gave them volume, separated them, I found it easy to remove and didn’t flake throughout the day. The only problem I had with this one was that it irritated my eyes and I don’t use it for that reason.

L’oreal Voluminous – On my quest to find great mascara (as good as Plush Lash) that didn’t irritate my eyes I had heard amazing things about this mascara. Overall, I found this mascara quite good, it did give lots of volume to my lashes, give lift but I also found that it sometimes clumped my lashes (this is not every time I have used this mascara but it does happen). I didn’t find this mascara very good at separating my lashes and found it could flake throughout the day.

Maybelline The Colossal – I was really pleased with this mascara. The main thing I noticed with this mascara was the way it separated and curled my lashes, it did add volume as well (not sure about 7x) but I guess with all the hype this mascara had received I expected it to be fantastic and my lashes to really stand out. I didn’t notice it flake or smudge and I would buy this again.

Maxfactor’s False Lash Effect – I really, really loved this mascara. I thought it curled my lashes, added volume and made them look longer( the benefit to this one is that my expectations were not too high because there wasn’t so much hype than with Maybelline’s The Colossal). I haven’t noticed any flaking or smudging, a little more difficult to remove than L’oreal Voluminous or Plush Lash but I still really love it! I would definitely buy this again!

Exceptionnel de Chanel – I think this is perhaps one of the best high end mascaras. I wore this on Saturday night to remind myself of what it was like and I have to say I was not disappointed. I thought this curled and separated my lashes as well as adding volume. I felt that my lashes really stood out when I used this mascara (I guess this what I expected from The Colossal), I’m not sure whether it is as good as Yves Saint Lauren’s Faux Cils but its pretty close…


Lipsandlashes said...

The most recent mascara ive tried is diorshow balckout and i have to say it is amazing. I stupidly picked up waterproof though and it is a bitch to get off, will pick up the right one next time! Before that i was using benefit bad gal lash which i also loved but diorshow blackout definately beats it xx

Kloey7 said...

@LipsandLashes - I will have to give this one a go next time i want to go out and buy a mascara. Thanks

Lazula said...

I havnt bought a mascara in years! I always manage to have a stash from Gift Times/Packs. But I am running low and I think I will defo give the Max Factor Flash Lash Effect a go :) Great blog!