Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lily Lolo Foundation Review (and my view on mineral make up)

I am going to start off by saying why hadn't I tried mineral foundation before? It's because I never liked the idea of powder being my foundation, how would this work exactly without it looking powdery? How would it blend into the face? It just never made any sense to me. If I couldn't have tried a sample from the Lily Lolo website then I doubt I would have bothered ever to buy a pot of mineral foundation, it never got my interest. How wrong could I have been? This maybe the type of foundation that actually suits my skin. My skin usually breaks out a little even with products I am overall pleased with, I figured this was all part of it, acne prone skin and foundation will always lead to some break outs - until now...

I have been using Lily Lolo mineral foundation everyday for a while now and I just can't say enough about how pleased I am with it. Firstly, I ordered samples off the Lily Lolo website and it was so easily to find a shade that worked with my skin tone. I think the shade looks completely natural on me (I am the shade Warm Peach). The application buffed into my skin really easily with no problems - no cakeyness and didn't look powdery like I was expecting, not even on my forehead where I have fine lines so I was a little shocked. This foundation is completely buildable. You can build a little into your skin or can keep building until you are happy with the amount of coverage you are looking for. It feels really light on your skin , weightless and completely natural, not heavy at all. I also find that it lasts all day and doesn't sweat off the skin.

In the first few days of using this foundation, I thought the overall condition of my skin felt healthier and softer, I don't notice it now but that might be because I am used to the difference.

I have been wearing this everyday and I have not had any breakouts or redness from using this infact, my skin looks really clear at the moment (I feel so lucky right now). I noticed the most difference when I went away for the weekend and took my Nars Oil Free foundation, I do like this foundation but I noticed that my skin was looking less healthy and more red than it had been when I had used liquid foundation for a few days.

Lily Lolo has very few ingredients in it and is inexpensive - it's £12 for a 10g pot in comparison to a whopping £17.50 for Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals 3g pot.

My opinion would be that I would recommend this foundation because I have only had positive results from this foundation.


Lily Lolo said...

Delighted you like our products, thanks for the review

Lily Lolo x

mizzworthy said...

Great review - I've been wondering about trying this out for a while now. At the moment my skin is in s bad way (possibly due to testing out different foundations constantly lol) - I used to use BM but it's not giving enough coverage at the moment and I'm not happy with it, so you have convinced me to order some samples! xxx

Kloey7 said...

@mizzworthy - Thank you. I hope you like it as much as me.