Sunday, 17 May 2009

MAC Nail Lacquers

I have to firstly say that I'm not "that into" nail varnish - until I started reading blogs and posts about nail varnish. Now I am want, want, want. I have bought some Barry M ones, three of those little Eyeko ones and MAC - which I wished I hadn't wasted my money on! I bought two nail lacquers - Peppermint Patti and On The Prowl from the Hello Kitty collection. I was incredibly disappointed with both of these, the Peppermint Patti was awful, it took me three coats to get it to a semi decent finish and then On The Prowl was no better. I can really see a difference in consistency when I compared these to the Barry M nail paints - which take two coats maximum and my nails look great.
I bought Barry M's Mint Green off the website in the end (I gave up looking in Superdrug even though it has now finally reached the shops) and I'm so pleased I did because the MAC equivalent was dreadful. I will definitely not be buying any more MAC nail lacquers because of the poor quality of these two. They seem to be thin in consistency, do not give good coverage, do not coat my nails the way I think they should and they chip easily. It's Barry M all the way for me from now on because they are less than half the price of MAC - and better quality. What do you think to MAC nail lacquers, are they any good? Is it just me?


mizzworthy said...

I totally agree about MAC nail polishes - they are awful - really rubbish pigmentation and they have no staying power whatsoever. Bazza M all the way - great polishes and colours for a bargain price!

Cris said...

I only have one - Girls Will Be Girls from Fafi. The colour's lovely ^_^, but the lacquer's just really fluid and I hate that :(. I prefer them creamier.