Friday, 15 May 2009

What I think to Sleek Make-up

I'm working from home today (yes I am very lucky) so I thought I would write a quick blog post about my thoughts on Sleek make-up. I have recently bought the Sleek Original and Storm eyeshadow palettes and a couple of the Ink Pots.

Sleek is reasonably priced at £4.87 for the eyeshadow palettes and £3.91 for the Ink Pots. They are not only value for money but I also think they are really good products. The Original eyeshadow palette (on the left in the picture) are all shimmer eye shadows and are quite bright colours, the Storm palette (on the right) are neutral colours with a mixture of both shimmer and matt finishes. The eye shadows give a really good colour payoff, they blend easily, the mixture of the colours in the palettes work really well together and all complement each other.

The ink pots are gel eyeliners and I bought Dominatrix which is a black and Stone Cold which is a shimmery grey. I was about to go and buy the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner because it is one the best gel eyeliners out there but then when I bought this and tried it I thought I won't need to visit the Bobbi Brown counter just yet. The black one is softer and creamier in texture than the grey one, this one is harder and less creamy which I actually prefer because I find it a little easier to work with. They also stay in place, don't smudge once set and they are very easy to work with. I have began wearing Stone Cold everyday because it looks great with pink eyeshadow (I wear pinks alot, especially to work). I have been using Clinique's brush-on cream eyeliners prior to these and I actually prefer these to the Clinique liners.

Overall, I would recommend all these products because the eye shadows are highly pigmented and the eyeliners stay in place, are easy to work with and are all very reasonably priced.

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WinterBlossom said...

These palettes look lovely. I'll defo need to check them out. Its a shame Sleek in only in the bigger Superdrug stores.