Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ebay = Cheap Make-up

I'm sure all you lovely ladies know that Ebay is great for picking up make-up bargains and on Sunday I decided to order a few bits. It all started the day before when I went by a Too Faced counter and noticed a pile of little books on the side that were still in their cellophane, looking all new and shiny that were not properly displayed on the counter. I picked up the tester and it was a Quickie Chronicle - I hadn't seen one of these in the flesh before and it reminded me of the searches I had done on Ebay a while ago. There I was the next day sitting in the lovely sun searching once again for Too Faced Quickie Chronicles.

I found these three:

  • The Plaything of Passion

  • The Life of the Party

  • The Cupcake

These are just the mini ones but the larger ones can be found on Ebay as well. I did expect them to be bigger but only because I wasn't sure how big the mini ones would be. The seller was completely accurate in the descriptions, they are unused and they were really good value at £5.99 + £2.99 for postage and packing. I cannot believe it - at just nine quid. I think I'm going to enjoy having a play with these!

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